Friends of Anne describe her as confident and devoted; her family describes her as assertive and kind; her clients have a lot to say too, but the most common words shared are graceful, creative, and discreet. 



With over twelve years of experience in the ever-evolving event industry, beginning with her time at some of the District’s most celebrated caterers, there are few that can weave together an impactful wedding quite like her.  She is sought out because of her ability to hit the mark every time, and also understands the true touchstone of any event is what the client wishes to experience.  The relationships she has with a premiere list of vendors and her impeccable taste allows her to deliver on those wishes, and so much more. 

When Anne is not carefully crafting her next event, she enjoys exploring the warm Delaware beaches with her husband and three children.  And in the chillier months you can find her curled up with the latest best seller or plotting the next steps for her family’s home garden in Falls Church, VA. 


With incredibly full hearts, we want to say thank you for organizing the best day of our lives! We loved working with you from day one and none of it could've been possible without you. You’re kind and patient, always have a smile and your efficient organization skills were exactly what we needed and wanted.

Thanks again and would love to keep in touch.

- S & A -


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everything about the wedding was perfection, and we couldn’t have done it without you!  You were amazing to work with (and your team was amazing that day as well), and every detail was so spot on. We’ve heard such wonderful feedback from all our guests, who’ve said it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to!

It was truly the most incredible day!

- J & T -


Honestly, you could oversee a NASA space launch with the kind of organizational skills and attention to detail that you have!  Every time I was complimented on what a smoothly run, perfectly timed event the wedding was (and that was often) I credited you.  There is no way we could have pulled off the event off without you. I could go on and on but will wrap up with the bottom line which is - you are amazing!

- mother of the bride -


It's truly hard to know how to begin to thank you for everything that you did for us over the past year and a half!  You gave us so much more than a dream wedding  - you provided us with the world’s BEST vendors, you were a constant joy, you put everyone at ease, and you made our most important day that much more spectacular by being a part of it. Our gratitude to you is infinite. Just thinking of everything you did makes me a little choked up. I cried more happy tears this past weekend than I ever knew possible. Truly Anne, you gave us our “dream come true” wedding and I am forever grateful!

- K & N -


First and most important, congratulations on the birth of Elizabeth. You went above and beyond by coming to the wedding just 7 days after her birth. The wedding was spectacular and, at least for me, stress free, all as a result of your guidance, calmness, and pleasant ways.

- father of the bride -